Villa S

Villa S is located on a quiet hill off the southwestern region of Bukhansan Mountain, Seoul. The old red bricks and tiled roofscape of atmospheric patina create a welcoming home. The design of the interior is refined and reduced in materiality respecting the contextual aspects of 30-year-old exterior and its neighboring villas. The intervention of Tectonics Lab complements the architectural project by means of the choice of materials, colors, finishes and textures providing a unique character.

The interior is characterized by both white-washed walls and colorful accents of wood, terrazzo, and fabric. A balance between the aesthetic and functional was achieved through bespoke furniture and lighting. The furniture becomes one of the main elements of design, which together with the elaborate elegance of designed lighting, achieve unique spaces. Natural light played an important role in the composition of a comfortable, elegant and friendly space in combination with the palette of neutral colors.


Type : Interior
Status : Completed
Location : Pyungchang-dong , Seoul
Gross Floor Area : 198 m2
Year Project : 2017
Photography : Kyungsub Shin
General Contractor : Design Studio Woori