Seosomun-bakk Historic Site

|  TerraPorta

The site is a historic place with heartbreaking memories for Korean. The project, Terra·Porta, intends to recollect and engrave the memories in this meaningful place. Here in Seosomun-bakk historic site, terra becomes a boundary. If the aboveground is filled with the present, the belowground is embedded with the past. If the aboveground belongs to mundanity, the counterpart belongs to sanctity. If the aboveground is a place for everyday life, the belowground is a place for commemoration. The journey from above to below the ground is a process of recollecting past memories, a path to God, time for sharing pains of martyrdom. In the past, Seosomun was called the corpse’s gate, a place of border between life and death. Now the new Seosomun-bakk historic site is reinterpreted as a porta of contradicting but coexisting notions of ‘life and death’, ‘mundanity and sanctity’, 'open and closed’, 'past and present’, ‘monumentality and everydayness’, ‘religion and history.’


Type : Competition
Location : Seosomun, Seoul
Year Project : 2014