Military Museum

History, Nature and Humanity
Capo d’Orso is a place where history is meaningful and tangible. The mixed memory of the past military chronicle and present maritime culture gives the place a vivid vitality with its magnificent landscape of sky, rock, and abysses. The deep blue sky, the depth of the sea, and the stark contrast of granites and vegetation are truly memorable and spiritual beyond any human civilizations. The forgotten architecture that has survived its own purpose will be a place of memorial in itself to harmonize a past of conflicts with a present of peace and solidarity.

Memorial Village
The site is geographically and historically a significant heritage to be preserved and restored. The notion of ‘memorial village’ was developed in this project as a clustered community of museum, memorial, and public park including hotels and amenities. The new buildings such as navigation museum, welcome center, and hotels are added dispersedly along the main promenade to the existing remnants of barracks, arsenals, and main fortress preserving the placeness and atmosphere of the site. Memorial Village as a community will offer a tranquil, harmonious, and spiritual experiences ultimately enriching the contemporary Mediterranean culture.

Dual Monumentality
The programs and contextual circumstances of the Memorial Village generate dual monumentality. The museum was designed to function as a place for conserving a collection of artifacts while the museum itself becomes the preservation of urban artifacts: bastions, barracks, and arsenals. The memorial space will be a place of peace and meditation offering monumental sensory experiences: the sky, horizon, abysses, and the works of God. The phenomenological coexistence of place, history, and architecture projected in the nature manifests itself as a metaphoric representation of the duality immanent in Capo d’Orso.


Type : Competition
Status : Gold Mention, Young Architects Competition
Location : Capo d'Orso, Italy